Southlawn Memorial Park

Memorializing Every Life 
       With Dignity

Did you know the difference?

Pre-need Benefits

At-need Realities

•Costs are frozen
     -5% down locks in the prices so they can not go up in the future
•Rational Decisions
•Spouses decide together
•Pay as affordable
     -1 Yr. Interest free financing
     -No payoff penalty
     -No credit checks
•Preserves life insurance for spouse and family
•We offer a Family protection plan
•We offer a Child protection plan
•Relocation benefits

    -We are part of the ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association)

•Unemployment protection
    - 10.00 a month will keep you in good standing 
•Change your mind policy
    -Offer a 3 day cancellation period
•Purchase in stages

  • Away from home protection
   -We offer Travel Assurance ask your counselor about this great benefit.
•Prearranging offers PEACE OF MIND

•Higher prices

    -No longer qualify for prearranging discounts

•Emotional decisions
•One spouse decides alone
•Can depletes Life Insurance
    -Life insurance can take weeks to be processed and the payment 
     is due in full 48 hours before burial leaving your family to pay the 
•Decisions are final
    -There is no cancellation period.
•Purchase everything at once
     -Large lump sum due in full 48 hours in advance of a burial
•Faced with confusion, denial, anger, and self-doubt

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