Southlawn Memorial Park

Memorializing Every Life 
       With Dignity



  1. Do I have to prearrange?

    No, however, by not prearranging you are subject to higher costs and you will not be able to take advantage of discounts and other benefits.

  2. Why should I prearrange?

    By prearranging you save money.  You have a chance to freeze the prices with 5% down  and affordable monthly payments.  You also have the option to purchase in stages.  You can make rational decisions with your spouse and have peace of mind.

  3. Won't my life insurance pay for my burial?

    Yes it will. However, life insurance takes time to process and the payment is due in full 48 hours in advance of a burial. So even though your life insurance will pay for it, your loved one will still have to pay out of pocket the full amount due. 

  4. What do I HAVE to have?

    First and foremost a space for burial is required and the cemetery also requires that you have a vault and have purchased your opening and closing prior to a burial.

  5. Do I need a vault and is it state law?

    Yes and no.  The cemetery does require a vault, however, it is not a state law.

  6. Can I change my burial location later?

    Yes you can trade your space for another space of equal value.

  7. Do I have to get a marker from the cemetery?

    No.  You can purchase your marker from other locations, however, there is an installation fee and inspection fee.  We also only allow flat bronze on granite markers.  If your marker was purchased from us you can enjoy the benefit of having a temporary marker placed if needed, as well as the option to purchase a marker protection plan. The cemetery does not assume responsibility for damages on outside markers.

  8. Do I need an appointment?

    The cemetery can be a busy place.  In order to better serve you our counselors prefer that you make an appointment, however, we do accept walk-ins.

  9. What if I have purchased burial property and I move?

    We are part of the ICCFA, which is an association that allows you to trade your burial property dollar for dollar in the event you move and would like to be buried at another cemetery, providing the cemetery is also a member of the ICCFA.

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Burial Options

  1. What are my cremation options?

    You can choose from ground burial, mausoleum, niches, glass front niches and the Eagle columbarium.

  2. Who do I contact first when a loved one passes?

    You can contact either the funeral home or us.  Either way, the funeral home will still contact us to set up the arrangements.

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  1. Can I make payments after someone has passed?

    No you can not make payments on the required items for burial, however memorialization is not required so you do have the option to make payment arrangements on markers.

  2. What happens if I pass and I am still making payments?

    Each case is different. The required items must be paid off in full 48 hours in advance of the burial, however if you are paying on your bronze marker that does not need to be paid off before the burial you can continue to make payments on the bronze marker.

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